A chat with ORCV Double Handed competitors


Double Handed racing may be new for Sydney but the ORCV has conducted races to both Devonport and Hobart each year that always attracts two handed entries.

In our second podcast, we talk with three skippers who have all done the race to Osaka before and who are heading to Tasmania this year. Firstly there’s Brian Pattinson who’ll race to Devonport next week on his newly purchased boat Gusto Solo. Then we’ll speak with Jock MacAdie from Alex who has a new co-skipper, as well as ORCV Commodore Grant Dunoon from Blue Water Tracks (pic), both boats set to travel down the west coast to Hobart.


この2回目のポッドキャストでは、メルボルン大阪レースを経験し、今年タスマニアに向かう3人のスキッパーに話を聞きました。まず、Brian Pattinsonは、新しく購入したボート「Gusto Solo」で来週デボンポートに向かいます。そして、新しいコスキッパーを得たAlexのJock MacAdieと、Blue Water Tracks(写真)のORCV会長、Grant Dunoonに話を聞きます。

*訳者注:両方のレースとは、メルボルン~ダベンポート間で行われる「Melbourne to Devonport “Rudder Cup” 」とメルボルン~ホバート間で行われる「Melbourne to Hobart “Westcoaster”」の2つのレースのこと。両レースは同じ場所で同時刻にスタートする。今年のスタートは12/27。

Jock and a fully crewed Alex