Maverick – Olympus TG4

Rod and Tyson aboard Maverick were one of the crews chosen to take the great Olympus TG4 along for the journey to Osaka. Looking back over the shots they took, it seems that the Maverick boys like scenic views and so we’ll mainly see what type of conditions they were sailing in at various points along the journey. We’ve picked 6 sections of the trip and will show you where they were at the time on the map, as well as shots and video taken.

MaverickのRodとTysonは、このすばらしいOlympus TG4と共に、大阪への旅をするのに選ばれたクルーの中の1人でした。彼らが撮影した写真を振り返って見ると、Maverickの親子は美しい景色が好きなようで、私たちは主にこの旅を通して様々な場所でどんな種類のセーリングをしたかがわかります。私たちは6つのセクションを選んで、彼らが地図上のどの場所でいつ写真とビデオを撮ったかをご紹介します。

April 3rd


April 10 -11th


April 13th


April 16th


April 17 -22nd

May 2nd & 3rd


All images taken with the Olympus TG4