New Adventure for Hiroshi

Hiroshi Horiuchi has taken on a new adventure. He’s joined the JORA team in France in support of Kiho, an entry in the Route du Rhum which commences on November 4th.  堀内寛は新しい旅を始めました。彼はフランスで11月4日にスタートするルート・デュ・ラムに参加する貴帆の広報を担当するJORA チームとして参加しています。

Hiroshi you may recall joined our media team earlier this year, taking on the responsibility of creating all of the Japanese versions of our media posts. Ian MacWilliams spotted Hiroshi when he started posting on social media as part of the delivery crew of Bartolome, the Japanese entry from OHYC. Hiroshi had previously only sailed on local waters around Osaka but had been challenged to help get Bartolome to the start line.

Kitada San

A lot of other support was behind Bartolome in Osaka as well. A large part of that was from the JORA Team, founded by Hiroshi Kitada San, skipper of an Open 40 called Kiho. Kitada San bought Kiho three years ago and competed in the 2016 Transat event. He’s now entered in the Route du Rhum, a single handed race that crosses the Atlantic Ocean. There are over 100 entries in this years event, mainly from France and Kiho is the only entry from Asia.

Following the Osaka Cup, Hiroshi’s enthusiasm and media skills lead him to be invited to France as part of the support team for Kiho and he set off a couple of weeks ago.

There’s been a great deal of preparation taking place in Kiho’s home port of Lorient and across the weekend a 30 hour journey has been made to Saint-Malo, the starting point for the race.

It’s been an exciting couple of weeks for Hiroshi’s,  who’s media coverage will commence in earnest from here on and it’s hoped that many of his posts will be made available in English as well. We wish Kitada San a safe and successful race and if you’re keen to follow his progress, keep an eye on the Jora Website and Facebook page as well as Hiroshi’s personal page.

堀内寛は新しい旅を始めました。彼はフランスで11月4日にスタートするルート・デュ・ラムに参加する貴帆の広報を担当するJORA チームとして参加しています。



同様に大阪でのバルトロメの背後には大きなサポートがありました。その一つにClass40「貴帆」のスキッパーである北田さんが立ち上げたJORAがあります。北田さんは3年前に貴帆を購入して2016年のThe Transatを完走しました。彼は今ソロで大西洋を横断するルート・デュ・ラムに参加しています。今年のイベントには100以上の参加艇(Class40は53艇)があり、その大部分はフランス艇でアジアからの参加は貴帆のみです。





Kitada San and coach Jean