Presentation Day

Just on a week ago on May 5th, the Presentation of trophies was conducted for our Sundance Marine Melbourne Osaka Cup competitors at Osaka’s famous Tenmangu Shrine. This is the second time that we have been privileged enough to hold our ceremony there and as George Shaw said during the speeches, ” There’s not another yacht race in the whole world that could have its presentation ceremony in a better place”.

Here’s a collection of many of the official photos taken on the day by OHYC member and photographer Eiji Kurokawa. The first group was taken as contestants and officials arrived at the Shrine and were asked to sign a large flag that had been laid out for the purpose.


With the competitors occupying the first three rows, everyone was invited into the Shrine, where a ceremony was conducted giving thanks for the safe arrival of the yachts into Osaka. Prayers were also offered up for the safe passage for those boats who had yet to complete the race.


Following the service, everyone moved to a large room nearby where awards and trophies were presented. There was quite a number of trophies to be distributed, with winners in each of the handicap divisions announced alongside perpetual trophies and then something to take home for every competitor in the race.


Following the formal part of the day, a lunch was held in rooms nearby. One of the early tasks was to break open the sake barrel and then everyone enjoyed a meal. George Shaw then took the mike for a fun presentation ceremony. Each competitor was presented with a gift, always with a theme connecting them with the race. For days before, George, Robyn, David and Rosie had scoured shops in Osaka for exactly the right gift, a mammoth effort in a foreign country. There were certainly some funny moments and this was surely a part of the Presentation Day that competitors will long remember.


Finally in this article, here’s some footage of the Presentation Day. This was presented earlier this week as part of our last Weekly Wrap.