Presentations at Tenmanngu Shrine

A very important day today in Osaka for our competitors as they attended the service that the Tenmanngu Shrine. A thanksgiving service was conducted first inside the temple, followed by the presentation of trophies in front of a large crowd of family and supporters.

Provisional Race Results have be published prior to this formal presentation ceremony but will not be finalised until the arrival of the last eligible competitor . You can check these results posted here on the website:

As you’ll see from the results, Rupert Henry skipper of Chinese Whisper was seen out the front a number of times. He’ll have a heavy suitcase to take home. Congratulations to all our winners and of course to all those who competed in this fantastic event.

Many photos were taken today and so keep a look out for them on your favorite competitors social media pages but here are just a few that we’ve plucked from our video footage. You’ll be able to see more of what happened today in the final Weekly Wrap which will post in a day or two.