Race start amended to align with World Expo Osaka in 2025

The next Melbourne to Osaka yacht race has been rescheduled to 2025, following the announcement that Osaka will host the World Expo that year.

61 potential starters, who had expressed an interest in the next race, were asked for their feedback on the proposed change, with the following results:

68.6%    Would prefer a reschedule to 2025

25.7%    Would prefer the race to be held as planned in 2023

5.7%       Happy with either decision

Giving weight to the responses from current boat owners, to those who registered the very popular boat name ‘To be advised’, did not change the result. Two thirds of boat owners were supportive of the decision to align the race with the World Expo in 2025.

The World Expo, held every five years, attracts more than 30 million people. This opportunity for increased exposure for the race and the promise of infrastructure development for the City of Osaka have helped to influence this decision. The Expo would also provide an additional attraction for friends, family and return crews who use the race as an opportunity for a holiday.

We are currently in the midst of a world health crisis. No doubt, an additional two year recovery from the personal and economic impact of COVID-19 will have a positive impact on the readiness of potential participants and their families to travel to Japan.

Meanwhile, we are working with the ORCV to run a Pacific race in 2022. Details are to follow but we hope this will be something to look forward to and provide a challenge for those hoping to head to Osaka in 2025. Keep an eye on www.orcv.org.au for more details.

George Shaw




68.6%  2025年へのリスケジュールを希望する

25.7%  2023年の予定通りの開催を希望する

5.7%  どちらの決定にも満足している



現在、私たちは世界的な健康危機の真っ只中にいます。COVID-19の個人的・経済的影響からさらに2年間の回復は、潜在的な参加者とその家族の日本への渡航準備にプラスの影響を与えることは間違いありません。一方、私たちはORCVと協力して2022年に太平洋レースを開催することを目指しています。詳細は追ってご案内しますが、2025年に大阪への渡航を希望されている方にとっては、楽しみであり、チャレンジになるようなレースになることを願っています。詳細はこちらまたは www.orcv.org.au をご覧ください。