OHYC visitors

A page set up for those visiting Osaka Hokko Yacht club to join in the festivities as the race concludes.

Getting around

Realistically the best way to get around is by Train and Bus if the routes align, otherwise Taxi.  For those going to and from Universal Studio to the OHYC, we recommend a Taxi, in that case ask for “Hokko Yacht Harbour”.

For those using Trains and Buses, we have created a Getting around guide.

Bus time tables

Timetable Hokko to Nishikujo (bus 59)

Timetable Amity to Nishikujo (bus 81)

Courtesy shuttle bus timetable Amity to Sakurajima

Mobiles and data

There is a lot of wifi available in Osaka, the race will provide some wifi access at the OHYC too.  Some people use Skype, Facetime etc and don’t use mobiles at all.  There are many providers of rental wifi devices, many at the airport.  You rent the device, typically with unlimited internet and they are fairly cheap.

SIM cards are surprisingly difficult to purchase in Japan.  Some Australian providers such as Telstra offer day passes ($10 per day with unlimited calls and texts plus 200Mb of data).  For those people using International Roaming, you may need to completely power off your phone then power on again for it to activate properly in Japan.

Drinks and food

There will be some drinks available from Melbourne House at OHYC.  This will be based on pre paying cash for drinks, a book will be provided for keeping track of your drink credit.  People cannot IOU for drinks.  OHYC will provide a welcome party each day of a boat finish starting 5pm.  Competitors drinks (on that day only) will be complementary.  Some food will be provided at the welcome parties but people shouldn’t rely on that for their daily meals or rely on using the kitchen at Melbourne House for cooking.

Convenience stores typically sell beer, wine and spirits.  Beware for those who BYO, fridge space at Melbourne House is unlikely.  BYO should be limited to spirits, note there are vending machines around with soft drinks and some available at the club.