Skipper:Keiichirou Morimura

Co-Skipper:Masakazu Omote

Sail Number:JPN 835

Design:Dehler 38





Bartolome skipper Dr Keiichirou Morimura started sailing when he was about 20 years old during his university years, and with a lot of time on his hands he estimates he sailed about half the week. After graduating in medicine however, work commitments meant that there was little time for sailing and so it wasn’t until he was about 30 that he found time for the chance to sail again, on this occasion on Lasers.

At 35 years of age he bought his first boat, a 26 footer and competed in local competition. With a desire for long distance sailing having always been there, an opportunity to crew on some ocean races presented itself and Morimura san gained some valuable experience in this field, including competing in the Busan (Korea) to Fukuoka (Japan) race,and the Toba Pearl race. .

It wasn’t until late in 2016 that the prospect of competing in a long distance race presented itself when a presentation on the Melbourne to Osaka race was held at Osaka Hokko Yacht Club. Having made the decision to join the race, the next task was to find a boat. With a list of items that needed to be checked off and little time to wait for the right second hand boat to come along, Morimura san decided that the Dehler 38 was just what he needed. The boat arrived in Osaka in April 2017 which was followed by a colourful naming ceremony at OHYC.

Bartolome is named after a Pacific island in the Galapagos Islands group which Morimura san would one day like to visit in his yacht. Bartolome is the first Japanese flagged boat to join the 2018 event.

Co-skipper Masakasu Omote, whose grandfather was a shipwright, had been a friendly rival of Morimura san’s for years in local competition. Omote san has competed in the Hong Kong to Osaka race, and also in the Busan to Fukuoka race. While he enjoys a rum and coke, he is not as fond of rough seas, but is ready to tackle the challenging experience ahead.

Morimura and Omote have decided to join forces for the of the 2018 Osaka Cup double handed race and will sail down to the start line, leaving Osaka late in 2017.



2016年の後半に大阪北港ヨットクラブがメルボルン大阪 CUPのホストを務めることを発表するまでは、これほどの長距離レースに出ることなど考えていませんでした。しかし出場すると決断した後にすべき最初のことはレースボートを用意することでした。
少ない時間の中、レース参加に必要なアイテムリストとダブルハンドでセーリングする条件に合うものを探して、森村さんはDehler 38がそれであると判断しました。ボートは2017年の4月に大阪に到着し、OHYCで賑やかな進水式が行われました。


共同スキッパーの表正和さんは、祖父が船大工であり、何年もの間森村さんとクラブレースで競い合う友人でした。表さんは香港から大阪までのSAIL OSAKA 97やアリランレースに参加した経験があります。彼はラム&コークを愛し、荒れた海は好きではありませんが、このチャレンジングな経験に前向きに取り組む準備ができています。