Big News from Hokko Club Osaka


Keiichirou Morimura named his brand new Dehler 38 “Bartolome” on Saturday April 15th and he’ll be lining up for the start of the Sundance Marine Melbourne Osaka Cup next March. This makes him our first officially registered Japanese competitor.

4月15日土曜日に森村圭一郎さんが新艇、Dehlerの38フィートを“Bartolome(バルトロメ)号”と名づけられ、来年の三月に開催されるサンダンスマリーン メルボルン大阪カップに参戦されることとなりました。これで正式に日本からの参戦者第一号となります。

When George Shaw visited Hokko Club in June last year as a lead up to the event, he took with him details of a number of boats for sale here in Australia that would be suitable to do the race. It was hoped that a Japanese crew or two might be able to compete after picking up a boat at the Melbourne end of the event.

昨年の六月、イベントに先立って、ジョージ ショーが北港クラブへ訪れた際にオーストラリアのレースに適した数艇の詳細を持参しました。日本のクルーが一人、二人でもその中のボートを選び、メルボルンからの参戦をして欲しいとの希望があったのです。
Morimura San showed some interest in competing but told George he probably couldn’t spare the time. Only a few weeks later, George received an email to say that not only had Morimura San been able to find the time but that he’d be buying a new boat as well. And it’s finally happened. We welcome him to the the event as here are some shots from the name ceremony held on Saturday. More details as they come to hand.