Preliminary Notice of Race


The running of the 9th Melbourne to Osaka Yacht Race scheduled to start in Melbourne in March 2025 has excited organizers, with 117 expressions of interest having now been received from 10 countries.

“The Melbourne to Osaka is one of the most unique and challenging ocean yacht races and is the longest longitudinal race in the World. The racecourse traverses the Pacific from south to north over 5,500 nautical miles. Previous competitors call it their pinnacle of racing, and with only two crew on each boat, the race attracts sailors who enjoy the unique satisfaction of short-handed sailing”, says race organiser George Shaw. “This serious ocean race tests boats and crews to the limit and a long lead time is necessary to get to the start line.”

In response and to assist boats and crews to start their planning, a Preliminary Notice of Race has been published.

The average elapsed time for the race is 35 days, with the record of 21 days set in 2018 by the Sydney yacht Chinese Whisper. A staggered start over three weeks brings the boats of differing speeds together towards the finish line, with results calculated from handicaps applied to their elapsed time.

 “The race is a real test of the crew’s skill, courage and endurance, through eight weather patterns, in potentially extreme conditions.” George adds, “It is the longest, most challenging ocean race to start in Australian waters and is the equivalent of nine Sydney to Hobart Yacht Races.”

Melbourne and Osaka share many cultural and trade connections and the race in 2025 is an exciting lead up event to the opening of the World Expo in Osaka 2025, providing an attractive destination for sailors, their support crew and their families.

For more information contact George Shaw.


「メルボルン大阪は、最もユニークでチャレンジングな外洋ヨットレースの一つであり、世界最長の地球縦断レースです。レースは太平洋を南から北に縦帆走する5,500海里もの長大な距離で行われます。また、1艇に2名のみの乗員によるダブルハンド(二人乗り)のレースの為、少人数セーリングならではの楽しさを味わうセーラーが集います」と、大会組織委員会会長のGeorge Shaw(以下ジョージ)は語ります。「この本格的な外洋ヨットレースは、ヨットと乗員の技量が極限まで試されるためスタートラインに立つまでに長い準備期間が必要になります。」

レースの平均所要時間は35日間で、2018年にシドニーのヨット「Chinese Whisper」が記録した21日という最短記録があります。艇速の異なるヨットがゴールラインに一斉に到達できるように、スタート日を複数日設けて時差を作り、各艇のレース所要時間にハンディキャップを適用して順位が決定されます。




詳しくは、George Shawにお問い合わせいただくか、公式ウェブサイトをご覧ください。