News Letter Sep 2022

This news letter was recently sent to all crews who have registered an expression of interest in the 2025 Melbourne to Osaka event.

Two and a half years to go until the start of the Melbourne to Osaka Double Handed Yacht Race (M2O), and it’s time to give you all an update on the preparation that has been underway since we issued the preliminary Notice of Race. We hope this finds you all well and further advanced in your planning and preparations.
Japan visit
Last month George visited Japan to progress the arrangements for the race finish. His busy schedule included meetings with the:
• World Expo Authority
• Osaka City Council
• Osaka Hokko Yacht Club (OHYC) flag officers and members
• KWI Hydrogen project in Kobe
Discussions are underway to establish a temporary marina, to link the race finish to the Expo site on Yumeshima Island. The Osaka Expo is anticipated to attract 28 million people and the M2O race finish will be a lead-up event.
How the M2O might also be included in Australia’s presentation at the Expo is now under discussion in Canberra.
The OHYC continues its negotiations and acknowledges Hokko Harbour cannot accommodate the anticipated fleet, either in number or in size. Plans also include creating a more appropriate and visible finishing line for spectators.

Notice of Race
The Notice of Race is drafted and will be issued as soon as the finishing line is decided, and the mooring facilities secured. Entries can then be formally accepted.

Expressions of interest
It is exciting that Expressions of Interest (EoI) continue to be received and we now have 134 potential racing teams from ten countries.
Thanks to the efforts of Keiichiro Morimura, Commodore of the OHYC and competitor in the 2018 race, there are nine EoI from Japan. Kei-san is a director of the Japan Ocean Sailors Association (JOSA) and has been promoting the event at their Sea Survival and Medical Training.
Road shows
Planning is underway for M2O roadshows to be held around Australia, New Zealand, and Japan with the help of past participants who have enthusiastically offered to volunteer their time and share their experiences.
This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Melbourne to Hobart Westcoast Race which has so far attracted 60 entries. Some of those participating have submitted an EoI for the M2O and we look forward to the opportunity of meeting you, and other potential participants, informally in Hobart.
Similarly, the Chichi-Jima to Enoshima race (550nm), being held in April 2024, provides an opportunity for promotion of the event in Japan. The monthly sailing magazine KAZI will also publish regular M2O updates.
Other matters:

a) Medical kits
We love receiving feedback and one suggestion, raised by past competitors from Western Australia was the possibility of making available standardised medical kits for yachts. We have started discussions with Oceania Medical (New Zealand) to see if they can supply what we need. More information to follow.

b) Micro plastic sampling
One of our Japanese competitors is involved in micro plastic sampling and in conjunction with the Japanese and Palau governments, this project has been included in the Japan to Palau race. Such sampling has also been suggested by a Sydney competitor. We are discussing how the M2O race might progress this research.

c) Humanitarian aid
A feature of previous races, we provide a container to transport boat supplies and equipment from Australia to Japan for the return cruise. There is an opportunity to include in the container humanitarian supplies to distribute to Western Pacific Island nations on the return journey to Australia and beyond. This may be of interest to some competitors.

d) Pre- and post-race events
The Osaka Expo will provide a noteworthy platform for the M2O end of race presentation. Similarly, planning is underway for a significant event to celebrate the start of the race in March 2025.

We hope your planning and preparation are going well and look forward to helping where we can.
In our planning for moorings both here in Melbourne and in Osaka, it is very helpful to know the dimensions (LOA, beam, draft) of your boat. If you have an update for your EoI, please let us know.



  • 2025年大阪・関西万博事務局
  • 大阪市議会
  • 大阪北港ヨットクラブ(OHYC)の役員および会員の方々
  • 神戸の川崎重工水素プロジェクト













a) メディカルキット


b) 海洋マイクロプラスチック調査


c) 人道的支援

このレースでは、オーストラリアから日本へ、または日本からオーストラリアへ向けてヨット資材を輸送するためのコンテナを提供します。オーストラリアへのコンテナには西太平洋の島嶼国(*訳者注 とうしょこく:大陸から離れている為に発展途上にある島国)に配給するための人道的物資を含めることができます。これは一部の競技者にとって興味深いものでしょう。

d) レース前後のイベント