Who’s Lining Up


With 18 months preparation time until the start on March 9, 2025, Thirty yachts (60 sailors) are now entered for the Melbourne Osaka Cup. The number of yachts is capped at 50 and strong interest continues to be shown from around Australia and the world.

Among the entrants there are 11 competitors who have done the race before, including Jon Sayer and David Ratner who first competed in 1991. Sayer, competing in his fifth race, this time as co-skipper with New Zealand entrant ‘Learning to Fly’ (Alan Paris), has previously designed and built boats specifically for the Osaka Cup.  Thirty four years on, David Ratner (Canada) has entered his Santa Cruz 50 ‘Incantation’.

Di & Jon Sayer

We also welcome two Japanese entrants: Hajime Nitta sailing his Elliott 13 ‘Trekkee’ and Katsuhiro Yamada on ‘Zero’, an IMX 40. Other internationals include two more New Zealand boats: Scott Fickling on his Verdier 40 ‘Vixen’ and William Goodfellow/Graeme Wilson on ‘Miss Scarlet’ an RP52.

The first ever mother and daughter team has also entered. Annette Hesselmans, who competed in 2018, will be sailing her Najad 49 ’Fika’ with daughter Sophie Snyjders. One interesting entrant, who will be well prepared for his Osaka challenge, is Kevin Le Poidevin (main photo) who is in Spain for the Global Solo Challenge, which starts in August 2023.

Annette & Sophie

“The Melbourne to Osaka is one of the most unique and challenging ocean yacht races in the world. The race traverses the Pacific from south to north over 5,000 nautical miles. Previous competitors call it their pinnacle of racing and with only two crew on each boat, the race attracts sailors who enjoy the unique satisfaction of short-handed sailing”, says race organiser George Shaw. In this article we’ve featured just a few of those lining up to compete in 2025. You can check the full list of those who have registered here on the Top Yacht page 。And for more information contact – George Shaw, Chairman, Organising Authority: +61411 464 802, geoshaw@ozemail.com.au



出場者の中には、ジョン・セイヤーとデヴィッド・ラトナーを始め、過去のレースに参加したことがある11名のセーラーたちが含まれている。セイヤーはこれまでにもメルボルン大阪カップ専用艇を設計・建造しており、今回で5回目の参戦となる(今回はニュージーランドのアラン・パリスと共に「Learning to Fly」艇のコースキッパーとして参加)

カナダのデヴィッド・ラトナーは、「Incantation」(Santa Cruz 50)で35年ぶりのエントリー。そして歓迎すべき日本からは、新田肇艇長の「1122 Trekkee」(Elliott 13)と山田克弘艇長の「Zero」(IMX 40)が参加している。

他の海外参加艇には2艇のニュージーランド艇が含まれる: スコット・フィックリング艇長の「Vixen」(Verdier 40)とウィリアム・グッドフェロー&グレーム・ウィルソンの「Miss Scarlet 」(RP52)だ。

史上初の母娘の親子チームもエントリーした。2018年に出場したアネット・ヘッセルマンズは、娘のソフィー・スナイダースと共に「Fika」(Najad 49)で参加する。




詳細はこちらまで:George Shaw, Chairman, Organising Authority, Melbourne Osaka Cup, +61411 464 802, geoshaw@ozemail.com.au