Welcome Home Red Jacket

Annette and Gerry brought Red Jacket safely back to Melbourne on Sunday after their trip to Osaka and back.  Having left Port Phillip with the main fleet back in March, the couple safely sailed the Radford 12.2 to Osaka Bay and then like many others took a leisurely journey back home.

For the return voyage, Annette was joined by daughter Sophie and her boyfriend Jack. They brought the boat down as far as the  Solomon’s and then it was on to Queensland where boat co-owner brother Andrew competed in the Hamilton Island events. A couple of shorter journeys had the boat in Sydney and then finally on to the home port. The shot below shows Annette and Gerry as they passed Wilson’s Prom over the weekend.

It will be busy for Annette over the next few weeks as things are tidied up on Red Jacket for her next event. Annette will be joined once again by daughter Sophie along with past Osaka Cup competitors Robyn Brooke and Sue Bumstead for the Melbourne to Hobart West Coaster. We wish the all girl crew every success in this race.