13,000nm shakedown for Roaring Forty

In the website post ‘Who’s lining up’ in July 2023, we mentioned that Kevin Le Poidevin was in Spain preparing to start in the Global Solo Challenge on his Lutra Boc Open Forty ‘Roaring Forty’. You may have been following Kevin’s progress but if you haven’t, thanks to Daz from Aviator Ocean Racing, here’s an article posted recently on Facebook.

Kev has kind of been on the back foot ever since his lead up to the GSC start with Visa issues, damage to both himself & R40 during his return from UK to Spain. With his delayed departure he’s been getting challenge after challenge thrown at him and has come through with some very clever engineering/sailing. I do believe Kev has found the experience to be beyond his expectations and I’m sure he has surprised himself.

Here’s Kev’s post from 20 February 2024:

“To all my supporters out there, thank you for following my Aviator Ocean Racing Global Solo Challenge campaign. Today, I formally retire from the Global Solo Challenge in Hobart.

My safety stop in Hobart theoretically leaves me with insufficient time to round Cape Horn by 31 March, the end of the acknowledged safe weather window. The rules enable me to restart no later than 20 Feb, however, I won’t arrive in Hobart until 22 Feb.

After discussing my options with the Event Organiser, and in consideration for the two rescues in the past week, I decided not to push the safety envelope, therefore did not seek a dispensation to delay my Hobart restart from 20 Feb until 25 Feb.

It will take about three days to make repairs: Thanks in part to my suppliers who are prepositioning parts to enable swift repairs in Hobart. I then sail north to my home waters of Port Stephens, north of Sydney.

You may see me have another crack at the Horn down the track if I feel the need to close that gap and further test my personal boundaries.

I now turn my focus to the Double-Handed Rolex Sydney Hobart Race starting 26 December, followed by the double handed Melbourne to Osaka Yacht Race in March 2025.

We share Kevin’s retirement disappointment and wish him well in his preparation for the Sydney Hobart this year and the Melbourne to Osaka Double Handed Yacht Race 2025. Competitors are encouraged to send their update stories here.