One Year to Go BBQ

As the sun dipped below the Melbourne skyline on Sunday, March 17th, the air was filled with the sizzle of barbecued delights and the hum of excited conversations, marking a celebration and call to action with only 12 months to go until the start of the Melbourne Osaka Yacht Race 2025.

The BBQ served as a vibrant get together for competitors both new and experienced, providing them with an invaluable opportunity to forge camaraderie and connections for the task ahead. Also among the attendees were the key figures who will be at the helm of running the iconic race; the Race Organisers, Partner Clubs and members of the International Jury, many of whom have completed this race themselves.

With only 12 months left until the great race in March 2025, the BBQ served as a celebration and a call to action. It was a chance to reflect on past triumphs and challenges while sharing anecdotes and insights.

With over 30 entrants committed, last weekend was a milestone and invitation to enter and seize the opportunities and training about to commence on this unforgettable race and voyage back. You can still enter the event here.

As always there was some very generous supported provided by Rainbow Meats, Paul Mentiplay from Baker Boys, Tommy Raft supplied the salads and Neil Shields was our chef. We also had support from Paul Schultz of Bolle and Peter Dowdney from Ronstan watches. Thanks to all.